The Mule and Repentance

There was a farmer that had an old mule that he liked very much. The mule one day fell into a well.  The farmer liked the mule and the well was dry.  He thought that while he liked the mule it was old and the well was he might as well put the mule out of his misery.  The farmer called his neighbors to help him.  They all started to shovel dirt into the well.  The dirt was hitting the back of the mule. At first the mule was afraid.  After awhile the mule started to shake the dirt off its back and step up onto the dirt. The mule continued to do this no matter how painful the blows from the dirt were on his back until the mule stepped out of the well triumphantly.


This is how it is when we fall into sin.  We can die in our sin and the further blows from the devil and his demons or we can take the actions necessary to change the course of our lives.  In short repent.  Repentance can be a painful process filled with fear because we are continually assaulted by the powers of evil to keep us buried in sin. In the end if we persevere in our struggle we all can  rise above our sin and walk triumphantly out to meet our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ!!!


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