Daily Services What to Do?

September 22, 2015

We live in a busy world.  We would like to attend services more often but our obligations get in the way.  Sometimes our parishes do not offer daily services, let a lone that we would need to carry a small library with us in order to perform thePaisios service without a priest.  Saint Paisios of Mount Athos was not a priest and lived as a hermit; by himself.  Sometimes he had the service books to perform the services by himelf.  More often than not he did not have these books.  So what did he do???

In his life Elder Paisos of Mount Athos by Hieromonk Issac it describes that the saint used to perform the daily services on his broyanitsa (prayer rope).  Upon research this method has been used by those who had responsibilities in the monastery that took them away from the church services or those who were living the ascetical life as a hermit. The following is the method that has been used to perform these services on the broyanitsa.  This should never be used as a method to avoid going to church but a means to increase our constant contact with God.

  • Vespers: 600 prayers
  • Great Compline: 700 prayers
  • Small Compline: 400 prayers
  • Midnight Office (Nocturn): 600 prayers
  • Matins: 1500 prayers
  • The Hours: 1000 prayers (250 prayers for each of the four hours)