“Vision of Heaven and Hell” Part 4

Continuing with Dushan Jovanovich’s “Vision of Heaven and Hell’ part 4

The passengers I took that day from Kraljevo to Zica stood now before us in the fullest glory and radiance. They wore glowing crowns on their heads and over their dresses they wore vestments, which sparkled with blinding intensity from indescribable decorations. Over their right shoulders and across their chests they wore beautifully decorated sashes as marks of distinction. They were fully arrayed in the splendor of Paradise.

As my angel showed me Paradise, it never crossed my mind that I might meet my passengers again. Now, surprised by meeting them and by their appearance, I watched them with fascination; I could not take my eyes away from them. The soft voice of saint apostle Peter roused me from this reverie, “Do you know now, Dushan, who you took into your car today?” Without trying to hide my joy, I answered, “Yes, I do!” Addressing me further, the apostle continued, “Starting today, you must stop being a non-believer and become a believer. You must cross yourself in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” He then showed me how to cross myself.

As a child, I crossed myself from forehead to chin. Taught by the example of apostle Peter, I understood immediately that way was incorrect and I now learned how I should do it in the future. The apostle waited a little while, and then continued to give me advice, “In your prayers you should call on all the saints, prophets, apostles, angels, archangels, cherubs, and seraphs, but most of all call upon God’s mother, the Most Holy Mother of Jesus, Maria, because her glory and honor are greater than that of all the angels in heaven. She is the quick helper to all who, in faith and through prayer, ask her aid! Starting today you must abandon the habits that are deeply rooted in you, and you must celebrate your Slava—Saint Paraskeva, who prays for all who celebrate her,” and he pointed to her. “All that you see today, Dushan,—all that archangel Gabriel will still show you, is a blessing to you, to your family, and to all who believe you. But the blessing will not be enough if you, after that, do not follow the path of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I tell you, Dushan, that you can save yourself if, for the rest of your life, you fast, pray, and obey the commandments.

The seriousness of the great apostle’s words left a deep impression on my soul. I stood motionless until I was roused by archangel Gabriel who continued his explanations, “These are God’s prophets, and these are martyrs.” He introduced me to them one by one, and each, when presented, gently smiled and bowed.

Next, the angel took me through more of Paradise. By the way, I should mention that I could see extremely far with my bare eyes, and could recognize at great distances the smallest details as if they were very near. I could see much better and much farther than when I watched the resurrection of dead from the cloud. The Lord gave me this ability while I travelled through the spiritual world.

As we wandered through Paradise, I saw countless beautiful churches made from pure gold and precious stones. Doors on these churches were wide open and one could hear magnificent religious services accompanied by songs sung by choirs of angels, archangels and saints.

The Angel slowed our pace only when he wanted me to see something better, but he never stopped. I do not remember how long we walked, when abruptly we slowed almost to a halt. Before us, at a great distance, was a hill. There I saw the crucified Lord, and above His cross a large dove with spread wings hovered. The cross radiated blinding light in all directions and around its base stood many multi-winged angels, the archangels, apostles, prophets and saints praising the glory of the Crucified Lord. Behind the cross, I saw several huge churches and some other buildings.

The cloud waited where my angel took me out of Paradise. As we entered it, the cloud moved to the west. This time I could not see where we were going, but I had the impression that we did not travel long when the cloud suddenly started to descend with dizzying speed into a gorge. Somewhere in that abyss the cloud stopped and we stepped out into darkness. After a few steps the darkness became blacker than anything I’d ever known. From the depths of this darkness came a vile, foul smell which stiffled our breath. I felt that something horrible was ahead of us, but I had no idea what. Fear and trembling overcame me so I huddled closely to my angel for protection. My foreboding soon proved true. Far in front of us appeared an endless sea burning with a horrible flame. We soon arrived at this place and stopped in front of it on a high wall which surrounded the place of eternal flame and horror. (to be continued…)


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